5 Quick Ways to Build Your Emergency Fund


“Baby Step Number 1” is to save $1000 for an Emergency Fund

5 Quick Ways to Build Your Emergency Fund

To take control of your money situation, the first thing you need to do—even before getting out of debt—is to save $1,000.

That $1,000 provides a cushion between you and life—a flat tire, an unexpected doctor’s visit, a leaky pipe under your sink. When you save $1,000 before you start getting out of debt, you can cover any unexpected smaller emergencies without breaking a sweat.

Here’s how to get an extra $1,000 between you and life’s unexpected emergencies:

1) Start budgeting. When you create your first budget, you’ll be shocked at how much money you are spending without even realizing it. With the budget, you’re giving every dollar a name—and one of the top names on that list should be your $1,000 emergency fund. Don’t use “leftover” money at the end of your budget to put aside for savings. It will never happen. Determine the amount you can save and do that first. Then you can tell the rest of your money where to go.

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2) Cut back on spending. Once you have your budget in place, you’ll see the areas where you’re overspending. How often are you spending thirty dollars a week on coffee? Make your true needs (food, shelter, utilities, transportation and clothes) a priority and cut back in your “wants” to save that $1,000 quicker.

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3) Take a look at your clutter. Look at the stuff just sitting in your garage or piled up in your attic—can you sell it? An old television, an extra couch you never use, the treadmill that’s become your coatrack . . . take a long, hard look at your clutter and see what you can get rid of for cash.

4) Re-examine your reoccurring expenses. Chances are, you could be saving money on your monthly fixed bills. These are easy to overlook because you’ve paid the same amount every month for the past 24 months. Are you missing out on special rates for expenses like your cell phone or cable?

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5) Believe in yourself. No matter what tricks you use or how much money you can dig up, you won’t hit a savings goal if you don’t believe you can do it. Procrastination and making excuses will cause you to fail every single time. Be intentional and get after it! When you have that type of attitude, you’ll save $1,000 much quicker than you think.


Sign Up for HEALTHCHECK 360 Screening and SAVE MONEY on your Insurance!

Big G will soon be launching the HealthCheck360° wellness program. HealthCheck360° combines your measurements, blood draw results, and responses from the Health Risk Assessment Survey to give you a summary of your health.

Why should you participate?

  • This is a FREE benefit for all employees and spouses currently enrolled in our health plan or will be enrolled effective 9/1/17.
  • Identify areas of risk and make changes to increase energy, improve productivity, and assist you in living life to the fullest.
  • Save up to $1,248.00 on single coverage or $2496.00 on family coverage per year on your health premiums!

Drivers and employees located outside the onsite screening areas will be able to schedule in home screening appointments starting April 10, 2017!

Onsite screenings take place at IKE on June 3rd, Corporate on June 15th and 17th, and 840 on June 23rd.  You and/or your spouse can take advantage of these onsite screenings if you live in the area.

Screen and Complete the Survey Earn $12 per week credit
Score a 71+ or improve 2016 score by 5+ points Earn $8 per week credit
You are Nicotine Free! Earn $4 per week credit

You and your enrolled spouse can each save up to $24 a week off your premium (total $48 for family plan) that adds up to $2,496 savings in a year!

To participate in the Healthcheck 360 Wellness Program, you must complete both the biometric screening and Health Risk Assessment Survey. You can schedule your screening to be done in your home FREE of charge.

1. Call Hooper Holmes at 1-877-442-3935–Opt-in line hours are Monday-Friday, 6am-7pm CST

2. Choose option “5” from the list of options

3. Verify your contact information, address and company with the representative to schedule your appointment. They will come to your home to perform the biometric screening.

  • If a representative is unavailable to schedule your screening appointment, an examiner will contact you within 7 business days to schedule a time and date that works best for you
  • Screens can be scheduled Monday-Sunday

For More Information Click the Links Below

Big G HRA and Scheduling Steps

How to Prepare for Your Biometric Screening

March Monthly Mileage Bonus

Big G is paying out over $123,000 for the March Monthly Mileage Bonus–the highest amount since the bonus started in August 2015. Here is the breakdown of the bonus payout (for the first quarter) and the number of drivers who earned each band. The March bonus will be direct deposited on Thursday April 13th.

If you have any questions about your bonus, please contact your driver supervisor.


% In Bands Jan Jan Drv Count Feb Feb Drv Count March Mar Drv Count
0/0 20.50% 97 26.30% 124 15.60% 76
8400/.01 20.72% 98 26.30% 124 14.60% 71
9400/.02 26.00% 123 26.50% 125 19.30% 94
10400/.03 21.78% 103 16.10% 76 24.70% 120
11400/.04 10.99% 52 4.80% 23 25.70% 125
Total Miles 4,349,667 4,161,389 4,735,473
Total Bonus $90,111.17 $70,004.50 $123,043.14
Average CPM 2.07 1.68 2.59
Working Days 21 20 23