Driver Referral Contest Update

You still have time to win the DRIVER REFERRAL CONTEST! Applications and hires before June 15th will be counted toward the total points earned.

Grand Prize winner receives a $2000 vacation package (to a destination of your choice) and $500 spending cash! This is in addition to the referral bonus you earn for hired drivers paid out – $250 the week they go out, $250 after 30 days of service and $500 after 90 days of service.

For every referred application you get 1 point

For every referred application who is hired you get 5 points

Here’s the point listing so far! Tim Baer is in the lead with 12 points and Bobby Helms is 2nd with 6 points.

Almeda Bariteau 5
Anthony Anderson 5
Bobby Helms 5
Hal Stitt 5
James Culbertson 5
Lee Howell 5
Mark Hall 5
Richard Donaldson 5
Tim Chelette 5
Timothy Baer 5
Timothy Baer 5
Todd Johnson 5
William Madderra 5
Big James? 1
Bobby Helms 1
Cameron Wallace 1
David Culbertson 1
Dennis Buffington 1
Ed Owen 1
Eric Strickland 1
Garry Stewart #1847 1
Garvin Austin 1
Greg Lott 1
James Collier 1
James Tomlin 1
Jon Wright 1
Judley Glass 1
Keith Kennedy 1
Kevin Delk 1
Maria Smith 1
Melissa Albritton 1
Michael Beverly 1
Michael Grice 1
Mike VanWesternberg 1
Randy Fryar 1
Simon Uhlig 1
Simon Uhlig 1
Steve Booker 1
Teri Connolly 1
Terrell Darby 1
Terry Austin 1
Timothy Baer 1
Timothy Baer 1
Timothy Simpson 1


Survey – Truck Parking Solutions in Atlanta Georgia

The American Transportation Research Institute (ATRI), the trucking industry’s not-for-profit research organization, is assisting the Atlanta Regional Commission (ARC) to better understand new or improved truck parking solutions to serve professional drivers traveling in, through and around the Atlanta, Georgia region.  ATRI is now seeking truck driver input through an online survey (link below).  We encourage you to take a few minutes to participate in this critical research.

Annual ESOP Meetings Saturday June 24th

Save the Date!

Saturday June 24th

Shelbyville, TN – Breakfast Meeting at The Blue Ribbon Circle

Morristown, TN – Dinner Meeting at The Sagebrush Restaurant

Clarksville, IN – Dinner Meeting at The Clarion Hotel – Prime Rib Buffet

More details and opportunity to sign up coming next week!

Participate & Save Money – Sign Up Today!

HEALTHCHECK 360 Wellness Check!


Did you know that just by participating in this program you can save $624 on single coverage and $1,248 on family coverage on your annual health insurance premiums? All you have to do is complete the health screening and a short Health Risk Assessment survey!

On top of that, if you participate, are nicotine free, AND achieve the health score outcome then you can save $1,248 on single coverage and $2,496 on family coverage for your annual health insurance premiums.


1.     Go to:

2.     Click on the blue “Login” button and select “Create a New Account”.

3.     Enter your legal first and last name, date of birth, last 4 of your SSN, and select sex. Your company code is BIGGE. Check “I agree with the terms and conditions”.

4.     Click “Sign Up” to complete registration.


1.     Select the “My Program” tab on the left hand side of your home page.

2.     Click “Scheduler” then “Schedule Screening Appointment”.

3.     Confirm your personal information then select “Next”.

4.     Select the location, date, and time you would like to screen and add it to your calendar.

If the available dates and times do not work for your schedule, call 1-877-442-3935 Option 5 to schedule a health screening at your home with the date and time of your choosing.


Please reach out to HealthCheck360° Support at or 1-866-511-0360.