October Mileage Bonus

October Mileage Bonus will be direct deposited Wednesday November 15th. We are paying out over $101,000 with an average bonus of 2.29 cpm! It is our goal to help every driver earn this mileage bonus!

Elite Fleet Awards – August and September 2017

Awards for August and September are

1,000,000 Accident Free Miles

Daniel Petrone

500,000 Accident Free Miles

Thomas Wieczorek

Jimmy Simmons

Eddie Lee

250,000 Accident Free Miles

Jere Hodges

Paul Schwartz

Martin VanWestenberg

Victor Becerra Munoz

Demetris Cain

John Murphy

Larry Davis

Michael Thomas

Troyce Cross

125,000 Accident Free Miles

Kenneth Depenbrok

Robert McGuire

Raymond Day

Anthony Wiley

Roger Bradley

Bryan Cain

Garrett Morton

Richard Ramos

Bradley Coomer

Dennis Carver

David Thompson

Kenneth McGregor

Marc Croteau

Sue Levant

Antonio Pearce

Casey Patrick

Cody Stone

Michael Brantley