Open Enrollment and 2019-2020 Benefit Guide

2019-2020 Big G Express Benefit Guide_Driver Click Here

Benefit Open Enrollment August 14 – August 21st

Open Enrollment for benefits will be available until August 21st! Open enrollment is your opportunity to:

  • Add or Drop Benefits
  • Change Benefit Elections
  • Add or Drop Dependents
  • Update Beneficiary Information


Speak with a licensed benefits counselor about your open enrollment options and make changes over the phone.

Call: 1-855-447-4726 ext 4439

Open Enrollment is not mandatory, but there are several changes this year. We encourage you to take the time to look over the benefit options.

If you take no action during open enrollment, your current benefit elections will roll over!

Reminder: You will not have the opportunity to enroll or make changes until the next open enrollment period unless you experience a qualifying life event such as marriage, divorce, birth, or adoption.

Changes for 2019-2020

*There are no changes to the deductibles/out of pocket or copays on the medical plan.

  • Our premiums have increased for the first time in several years. The HealthCheck incentives (discounts) also increased for those who participate in the Health Risk Assessment.
  • BCBS Medical Plan no longer includes the $200 dental benefit
  • Two additional enrollment choices – Employee + Spouse and Employee + Child(ren)
  • Metlife new provider for dental, vision, accident, critical illness, life and disability insurances.
  • If you were enrolled in Condition Management and failed to complete the program, you will see an additional $20 per member per week added to the medical plan premium. Once you are in compliance with the program through HealthCorp, contact HR to have this increase removed.

For employees who have been with Big G for 5 Years or longer, there is a new medical plan “Opt-Out” benefit available.

BCBS added 2 additional enrollment choices-You could save money!

Added enrollment choices:

Employee + Spouse and Employee + Child(ren)

Those covering just their children or spouses will have lower premiums than those electing Family coverage – MUST MAKE THE ELECTION DURING OPEN ENROLLMENT!

Dental, Vision, Life, Disability, Critical Illness and Accident Insurance will now be provided by METLIFE!

If you do not make changes during open enrollment, your coverage will rollover to the Metlife policies.

We will no longer have Ameritas, Eyemed, Voya or Hartford – all changed to MetLife.

NEW OPT-OUT BENEFIT OPTION EFFECTIVE 9/1/19 – Paid Out on a Monthly Bonus Check

Employees who have access to other medical insurance coverage or wish to purchase their health insurance elsewhere versus electing coverage on the Big G Express, Inc. plan will now have the ability to qualify for a monthly “Opt-Out” payment. This is just for the BCBS Medical – you can still have Dental/Vision/Accident/Critical Illness etc.

Your opt-out monthly bonus payment will be equal to:

$0.01 per mile if you have 5-10 years service

$0.02 per mile if you have 10 years (or more) service

Opt-Out Benefit Requirements:

  • 5 years or more of full-time employment with Big G Express
  • Participate in the Health Risk Assessment program (waived for the 2019/2020 plan year)
  • Proof of qualifying medical coverage through an alternate source (coverage through a parent’s plan, spouse’s employer, Medicare, Medicaid, Tri-Care, Marketplace or individual plan).
  • Must be a plan that meets the ACA “minimum value” requirements
  • Complete the Opt-Out Benefit Request Form (must be done annually along with proof of coverage). Proof must be sent to HR