Biggest Loser Results for 1st Weigh In

Our first weigh in results are in!

We have 56 participants (52 weights reported for this first weigh in) and a total of 296.5lbs lost this past month!!!

More participants are losing weight (at a higher percentage) than any other year we have had this contest!


Congratulations to the following winners: $50 gift card for 1st and $25 gift card for 2nd

Female 1st – Christine Wetherington

Female 2nd – Jamie Pierce


Male 1st – Chester “Buddy” Vanmeter

Male 2nd – Anthony Tester




Here’s the update on those who have lost 2% or more!


Christine Wetherington 8.50%
Chester “Buddy” Vanmeter 7.03%
Anthony Tester 6.25%
Carlton Mercer 5.94%
Jamie Pierce 5.59%
Kristy Price 5.50%
Shannon Graham 5.43%
Erin Britson 5.33%
Trudy Martin 5.03%
Karen Anderson 4.69%
Randy Moody 4.17%
Anita Reed 3.97%
Casey Pilkington 3.77%
Patrick Bell 3.55%
Kimberly Hagan 3.35%
Lawrence Silcox 3.23%
Jennifer Price 3.22%
Jodi Lamb 3.04%
David Gunter 2.99%
Kenneth Hieb 2.96%
Gail Nichols 2.48%
Ashley Cassady 2.47%
Dusty Gravens 2.40%
Chris Kelley 2.38%
Travis Tonioni 2.13%
Stephanie Fulton 2.00%




Join our Biggest Loser Contest January 7th – March 1st

Back by popular demand—The BigGest Loser Contest!

The winners will be selected based on percentage lost and the weight will be kept confidential.

The contest will last 8 weeks with one weigh in midway

February 1st– midway weigh in

March 1st – final weigh in

STARTS Monday January 7th!

If you want to participate, email me your weight and a before picture–Just reply to this email! Let me know if you have questions.This is based on the honor system, so the before picture will be helpful to show results if you win:)



February 1st weigh in

First and second place prize for men and women

First place prize – $50

Second place prize – $25

Final weigh in – March 1st – 1st&2nd place men and women who lost the highest percentage from Feb 1-Mar 1

First place prize – $50

Second place prize – $25

Grand Prize

First and second place prize for men and women

First place prize – $100

Second place prize – $50

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